Judith has been a professional graphic designer for many years. Her training and interests have always included spatial organization. As a designer she is good at looking at the many different pieces of a puzzle and putting them together in a way that makes sense, is useful, and beautiful. She has also given thought to how she may be of service to others, especially as our population is aging, empty nesting, downsizing, and considering what to do with the accumulation of the years.

Judith will work with you to declutter, repurpose, and organize your home or office, and your belongings, so that you’ll be able to enjoy the space and the things that you already have, where everything has a place and is in order. Or she can help you to prepare for an event, to stage your home for sale, or get ready for a move. She can also help with settling you into your new or second home.

She can also help with organizing your information, content and images, for a website, book, brochure, or exhibit.

Main Royal gets its name from one of the uppermost sails on the main mast of a clipper ship. As a sailor she took inspiration from a famous navigator, Eleanor Creesy, and now uses those skills to help you organize your information, your home or office, so that everything is in ship shape and Bristol fashion.

Client sitting room before and after pictures:

MR March 2016 Before MR March 2016 After